05 Nov, 2017

Cardi B Calls Out New Orleans Promoter For Not Paying Her [VIDEO]

05 Nov, 2017

cardi-first-igCardi B didn’t think she was being treated right by the promoters of her recent show in New Orleans.

So she called them out.

“This club is packed. So, I don’t want to hear that niggas didn’t make their fucking money, Cardi said from the stage. ““I know I’m a girl, but a nigga is not gonna fucking play me. Now, the reason I came in is cause I love my fans. So, out of courtesy of me, I’m gonna perform two songs, ‘cause I really love y’all. But, I hate when niggas try to fucking play me. “I’m about my fucking money. Imma put you on blast.”

During Cardi’s speech, she stared at one of the show’s promoters, who was standing on the side of the stage.

The show was being promoted by two different people, and after Cardi’s rant they argued on social media over which one had ripped off the Bronx rapper.

As it stands, we don’t know if Cardi got all of her money. There were reports that the promoter who didn’t pay Cardi is now missing.

But he pushed back on that. (And his non-payment.)

Ppl so negative it’s crazy! #HappySunday

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