21 Oct, 2017

Details Of Nicki Minaj’s Brother’s Child Rape Case Emerge

21 Oct, 2017

nicki-brotherNicki Minaj’s brother Jelani Maraj is currently on trial for predatory sex assault against a child and acting in a manner likely to injure a child under 13 years old.

Word is Nicki may testify on his behalf.

If she does, she should be prepared for a backlash, because the details of the case are as ugly as you can imagine.

Prosecutors have argued that Maraj treated his 11-year old stepdaughter as an “indentured sex object,” attacking her orally and vaginally up to four times a week.

“I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that the girl’s medical exam can prove penetration”, Prosecution witness Dr. Aaron Miller told the court yesterday.

Prosecutors also told the jury that the girl’s eight-year-old brother witnessed some of the abuse and Maraj beat him so he would keep quiet.

Police have said that they found Maraj’s semen on the groin area of the girl’s pajama pants.

Maraj’s lawyer David Schwartz is arguing that the girl’s mother Jacqueline Robinson married Maraj in 2015 for the purposing of getting money from his famous sister Nicki by having her daughter lie to police about a sexual assault.

Schwartz claims that Robinson planted Maraj’s semen on her daughter’s pajamas. He also told the court that Robinson told Minaj ‘I can make the charges go away for $25 million.’

The trial continues next week. Maraj faces 25 to life if convicted.

What do you think?

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