12 Oct, 2017

Fredo Santana Suffers Kidney And Liver Failure

12 Oct, 2017

fredoFredo Santana has suffered a pretty big medical setback.

He jumped on Instagram this afternoon and told his fans he’s been in the hospital since Friday after suffering from kidney and liver failure. Because of this, he won’t be dropping his Turbo Banana project tomorrow.

As you can see in the video, XXXTentacion visited Fredo in the hospital.

This is the second time Santana’s been hospitalized this year. In February, he had what he described as a “light seizure.”

Although Santana didn’t get into what caused his latest health scare, he has been very open about his drug habits.

In fact, he clapped back last month when Russ criticized and called “losers” those in the rap world who glorify drug use.

Again, we don’t know if drugs are why he’s laid up. But his doctors have surely told him to calm all of that down as he recovers.

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