12 Oct, 2017

JAY-Z Discusses Buying The Weinstein Company; Diddy The NFL

12 Oct, 2017

jay-z-diddy-igThe Weinstein Company and the NFL are both having bad stretches.

The Weinstein Company has been teetering on the edge since its movie mogul namesake Harvey’s long history of sexually harassing and abusing young actresses came to light last week.

The NFL is embroiled in a national anthem controversy that keeps getting inflamed by the Tweeter-In-Chief and may be driving down its TV ratings.

It looks like Hip Hop businessmen JAY-Z and Diddy see these as opportunities to bargain hunt.

According to TMZ, HOV and a few business partners are looking to buy Harvey Weinstein’s 23 percent share in the Weinstein Company, who are likely going to push Harvey out.  The movie studio is valued between $150 and $700 million.

Diddy’s eyeing a much bigger purchase. In a series of Tweets, he expressed his desire to by the NFL.

The combined value of all 32 NFL franchises is $85 billion.

So Diddy — who is flirting with a $1 billion net worth — still has a ways to go.

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